• All material is treated with Iron Phosphate and painted with a baked on enamel.
  • To determine clear opening, deduct Post width from bay opening.
  • Units GROW 1/2" both ways plus 1/4" growth for End to End or Back to Back units.
  • Shelves can be bolted top and bottom with adjustable clips for all other shelf's giving you maximum strength for many heavy-duty applications.
  • Applications from 450 lbs per shelf to over 2000 lbs. per shelf (see specs below)
  • This shelving is sometimes called "box shelving"


  • Beams are made of high strength steel using two piece construction.
  • Self-locking connector clips assemble easily.
  • Strength up to 35,000 lb. Capacity.
  • Super Heavy Duty shelving for storage.
  • Rated capacities assume the use of F/A Braces. One F/A for 48", 54", and 60" lengths and three (3) F/A Braces for 69", 72", 84", and 96" lengths. Level rating capacities are based on the longest beam on the level.